Clip in Extensions

Easy to apply in the comfort of your own home without glue or special tools, these clip in extensions let you change your hair length as often as you change your mind. made from hand selected 100% remy cuticle retained human hair to create a natural look you.

Great for special occasion hair 

Flat Tip/Nail Tip

Keratin hair extensions are also called U-tip, nail-tip, keratin bond, hot-fusion, pre-bonded extensions. Keratin extensions take their name from their keratin bases tips that are attached with the strands with heating element. A heated keratin bond is used to attach the keratin hair extensions to your natural hair in the form of small bundles.
Interestingly the composition of your hair is actually 90% keratin, so using keratin is far safer as compared to usual glue.

Keratin hair extensions applied with hot fusion allow you to employ a variety of hair styles (including the more difficult “updos” and hair down)

Micro Ring

These are unarguably one of the most popular hair extensions for all those fashionable women seeking to experiment with their hairstyles. These hair extensions get their name from the Micro loop, a micro ring and also known as I-tip hair extensions. They are attached with the hair with “cold fusion method” through a small metal bead and an inner silicone lining.The process may seem to be complicated but it is the most proven natural way to cover your scalp and it is easy once you are a little practiced with experience. The end appearance is extremely safe, natural looking and pretty much durable. These extensions are one of the most popular types for their cost effectiveness and reliability. 
Despite all their popularity, like all other hair products, Micro bead hair extensions have their pros and cons. They may make you look good but you ought to know the hair extensions pros and cons to make the best use of Micro bead types of hair extensions. 


For all those women out there who love their hair, tape hair extensions can be a great application to experiment with your hair styles and add bounce and volume to your hair. Tape hair extensions are quick and easy to apply. This method is one of the safest and most comfortable methods on the market, it is best suited to fine and weak hair. Maintenance is required every 6 – 8 weeks. This method is also very easy to remove and hair is 100% reusable.